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Animals/ creatures
Fawn by MistressBaggins
Owl in the Night by MistressBaggins
Spider by MistressBaggins
traditional or digital
full/half body portrait
Waiting For Her Love by MistressBaggins
RebeccaxBilbo by MistressBaggins
Riley's Zombie by MistressBaggins
traditional only. 
Bust Portraits
Tony Oller MKTO by MistressBaggins
redo of mr. pointy by MistressBaggins
traditional or digital. 
Orange Sunset in the Land of Two Suns by MistressBaggins
MY BAG END REDEMPTION by MistressBaggins
Traditional or Digital. I'll do anything really, as long as it's within reason and my skill level. 
[x] You have an OC that resembles yourself (well sort of, they're all skinnier than myself and have different eye colors but the hair is usually the same color and length and i keep my skin color and my personalities for all of them.)

[] One of your OC's has your name (no. my name is Katie and i have a Blaire, Mae, and an Amelia.)

[/] You have OC's that are siblings (kinda, my friends and i have oc's that are related to each other but none of mine are releted.)

[x] You are constantly drawing your OC's (i draw them most but y'all don't usually see them much)

[] You constantly receive positive feedback about one or more of your OC's 
Total: 2.5/5

[x] You have more than five OC's (yes but they are older ones that i usually don't use any more like my percy jackson oc or my teen wolf oc)

[/] Your OC's are varied (depends what you mean by varied, i've had werewolves and demigods and hunters and hobbits, etc.)

[x] You have a main OC whom you love the most out of all your OC's (Blaire Winchester, Dean's wife)

[] Your OC's are mostly mythical 

[] A lot of your OC's were adoptables 

Total: 2.5/5

[x] You have a 'bad boy' or 'bad girl' OC (my teen wolf oc was a bad girl)

[x] You have a girly OC (my Sherlock oc is Amelia Holmes and she is very feminine and fashionable)

[x] You have a 'cool' or 'sly' OC (that would be Mae Calder my Doctor Who oc)

[x] You have a sporty OC (is hunting demons and other creatures a sport)

[x] You have a fun OC (Mae Calder is perty awesome)
Total: 5/5

[/] You have a lot of 'perfect' OC's (in my eyes i made them with flaws but to others they might seem 'perfect')

[/] You have a lot of 'imperfect' OC's (same as above)

[X] Most of your OC's are part of a fandom (my favorites are from superwholock lol)

[] Most of your OC's are non-fandom 

[] You have an OC that isn't straight. 

Total: 2/5

[] You have gotten a polished toy, framed art, ect. made of your OC 

[x] You are constantly talking about your OC's to friends (only certain friends who have oc's in my fandom too)

[] The first thing you did on dA was make OCs 

[] Your OC(s) participate(s) in a role play 

[x] You have made your OC in a game (sims oh my god sims)

Total: 2/5

Now add your totals all together = 14

Then times them by 4- 14x4

Then title your journal "I am 56% addicted to my OC's" 


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i am 15 years old, i live in the USA and am a self taught artist who is always looking for new styles to master. i admit it, i am completely and totally obsessed with LotR and the hobbit.... its kinda sad but oh well! please stay a while and look at my art :)

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